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Improving your accuracy

Trigger Press:

The two most important components of hitting where you're aiming are sight alignment and trigger press.  Sight alignment is the easiest to correct, trigger press is more complex.  Most problems with trigger control come from the anticipation of, or reaction to, recoil.  We often hear the expression "squeezing the trigger", this can be misleading because unlike the act of squeezing a lemon, the hand is firm and does not move, only the trigger finger presses on the trigger in a steady straight back movement.  If you find your shots going to a particular area of the target, print one of the targets below to make your own corrections.    J.P.

      printable target for right handed shooters
           printable target for left handed shooters 

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Ham hock ballistic gelatin calibration

Ballistic gelatin is used to test bullet penetration and expansion.  It has the same consistency as muscle tissue (which is the same in all mammals).  After being poured into the mold and refrigerated, it is calibrated by firing a steel bb into the gel at 550 fps and confirming a penetration of 8.5 cm.  To verify this (see picture) a bullet is fired into a block of ballistic gelatin and penetrates 13", it's then fired through the lower part of a freshly killed pig
and into the gelatin.  It penetrates 7" of pig and 6" of gelatin, equaling 13".


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Range bag tips:  Screwdrivers


One handy addition to your range bag are screwdrivers.  A set of jewelers screwdrivers (available at your local dollar store) for adjusting sights and a long thin phillips, longer than your longest barrel, to dislodge a stubborn shell casing from the breach.



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Winchester's new .22LR segmenting ammo:


If you shoot a .22 this seems to be an interesting new item, however, I'm not sure it's been released yet since I haven't found it for sale locally, it's not on Winchester's web site , and after calling Winchester's corporate offices and leaving messages on various voice mail boxes, with no return calls (it seems no one answers there phone), I sold my Winchester stock.    J.P.




Gunsite follow-up:

I mentioned in the last newsletter I recently took a handgun course at Gunsite Academy in Arizona (I try to take at least one new course a year to keep maintain my skill level).
The class was a mix of experienced and new shooters.  At the completion of our last live fire exercise, the instructor gave the command "empty your magazine and holster your weapon", we then heard a rapid series of gunshots as one woman emptied her magazine.    J.P.


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