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    Perma-Gel Tests  
    Perma-Gel is a new ballistic testing medium producing results closely resembling the more traditional ballistic or ordance gel in testing hollowpoint and expanding ammunition.  (Full metal jacket ammo tends to penetrate further in Perma-Gel than in ballistic gelatin.)  It also has the advantage of being able to be re-melted and recast and without the necessity of refrigeration required by ballistic gelatin.   
    We were interested in testing the claims of two manufactures of the new frangible ammunition such as the compressed powder ammo by DRT www.drtammo.com and the frangible ammo by Extreme Shock produced for use in aircraft to stop the bad guy without shooting through plane. www.extremeshockusa.net.  The concept of frangible ammunition is to produce trauma in soft tissue by a large temporary cavity and not penetrate two sheets of drywall.  Results on drywall will follow later.
We also wanted to test some of the original Winchester "Black Talon" and Winchester's replacement "Ranger SXT" law enforcement ammo.

All shots were 9mm from a Glock 17 from 6 feet into 18" of Perma-Gel.
Five bullets were tested:

  • (A) Winchester's original 147gr. "Black Talon"
  •          Full expansion and just over 18" penetration
  • (B) Winchester's Ranger SXT 127gr. +P+ (Law Enforcement)
             Full expansion (larger surface area than original "Black Talon" and
            15 1/2" penetration
  • (C) Dynamic Research Technologies DRT (compressed metal powder
    Passed through the 18" block but didn't show any evidence of expansion
  • (D) Extreme Shock AFR (Air Freedom Round) 
    Strong fragmentation and penetration from 3"-9"  Company claims that this round
             will not penetrate 1" drywall.  (We'll test this in the near future.)
  • (E) Extreme Shock EPR (Enhanced Penetration Round) 
    Penetrated all 18" of gel but shed large parts of round
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ammunition tested

18" Perma-Gel block

detail: Winchester SXT

detail: Extreme Shock EPR and AFR

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