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Firearm Safety with Advanced Pistol Training Techniques
This is a four hour class designed for those who have experience with firearms as well as those new to shooting.  This is a state certified course to meet requirements for the Colorado Concealed Carry permit.  We cover the basics, grip, stance, etc. as well as areas such as night techniques and home invasion.  We provide a variety of handguns for hands-on classroom training.
* This training is classroom only and does not include live fire training.  (Live fire qualification at a local range can be added for an extra $35 (prepaid) plus range fee, but is not required for your Concealed Carry permit).
Range Qualification can be added anytime after taking the class.
You'll Learn:  
  • A review of basic firearms safety rules
  • Aiming techniques including grip, breathing, sight alignment, as well as a comparison of basic stances with advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Quick clearing techniques for jams with semi-auto handguns
  • Self Defense, Firearms and the Law
  • Requirements and regulations concerning Colorado Concealed Carry permits (CCW)
  • Techniques for concealed carry
  • Low light tactics and strategies for home defense
  • Comparison of ammunition types and uses with pros and cons of each
  • Cover and concealment strategies
  • A discussion of important qualities to look for in purchasing a handgun for self defense

Cost:  $95


Live Fire Range Qualification        
The four hour Firearm Safety with Advanced Pistol Training Techniques is all that is required for your Concealed Carry permit, however, if you're new to shooting, haven't shot for a few years or would like to try an assortment of handguns before deciding on which gun to purchase, after taking the four hour class, you can add a range qualification.  We'll meet at a local range on a Saturday morning for an hour; we'll cover areas not covered in the four hour class such as loading, unloading and cleaning a firearm.  In addition to personal instruction with both .22LR revolver and semi-autos, you can try a variety of handguns, revolvers and semi-autos in various calibers.  We provide guns, targets and ammunition.  If you have your own gun you can bring it for training (you'll provide ammunition for anygun you bring.)  You'll receive a separate certificate for this:  Live Fire Range Qualification.
Note: The range qualification is limited to four so you'll receive one-on-one instruction to best develop your personal shooting style.

Cost:  $35 (prepaid) plus a $15 range fee                  back to top

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