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JUNE '11

Tactical shooting vs. Bulls eye

Tactical Target Analysis

While you want to practice both, they are very different.  With bulls eye the goal is to shot as accurately as possible to the center point of the target, taking time with each shot to get a perfect sight alignment.  With tactical the goal is to shoot as quickly as possible with 80% of your rounds hitting within a 4" circle.  The objective is to find the "sweet spot" between speed and accuracy Both bulls eye and tactical need to be practiced at varying distances.    J.P.

Top target:  shooting too slow or to close
Bottom target:  shooting to fast or too far


                              printable 8 1/2 x 11 target

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New Shooters Tips:   3 Considerations on purchasing a semi-auto:

When choosing a concealed carry handgun, most features apply to both a semi-auto and revolver, such as , how does it fit and feel in your hand, however, some considerations apply to just semi-autos.

How easy is it to field strip for cleaning?  For example, a Glock can be field stripped in about 20 seconds, some others are not so easy.

How easy is it to rack (pull back and release) the slide?  Some have very tight slide springs which may be difficult for those with limited grip and wrist strength.

How easy is it to load the magazine?  Some can be loaded by hand, others require a magazine loader.  (Some guns with high capacity magazines come with a loader.)

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Laser Redux

In the last newsletter we mentioned the pros and cons of a laser for your gun.  Just wanted to add another pro:  Intimidation; when the bad guy sees a red dot on his chest he tends to give up quickly.


If you like the idea of a laser, Smith & Wesson has a .38 Special revolver and a .380 semi-auto with an integrated laser.


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Barrel length and muzzle energy

As you know, barrel length affects accuracy, it also affects muzzle energy.  Example:  a .38 Spcl. Federal 125 gr. Hydra-shok from a 2" barrel has a velocity of 700 feet per second, out of a 5" barrel, 1029 fps or an increase of 47%.
For more examples check out:  Ballistics by the inch


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Range Bag Tips:  Range Finders

One nice addition to your range bag is a devise to measure distance.  For indoor ranges an ultrasonic range finder should be fine, usually available at building supply stores, cost is about $25.  For longer distances a laser range finder is a good choice, cost is $150-$250.

Tip:  Before pressing the button on a range finder, guess the distance, soon you may not need a range finder.


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Media tidbit:  Has any reporter editor at the Denver Post ever fired a gun?
A recent story about a shooting mentioned that an old gun was used. . . a 1911.

Historical tidbit:  Concealed carry in the old west:  We usually think of the classic gun belt but pocket holsters and shoulder holsters were often used for a back up gun or for covert protection in towns where guns were not allowed.  "Doc" Holliday was said to favor a shoulder holster or a pocket sewn to the inside of a vest because of the faster draw while seated at a card table.

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